Welcome to Melissa Fumero Fans!

by Ashley/September 01, 2018/No Comments

Let me start by saying hello and welcome to Melissa Fumero Fans!

I’ve been working hard on this site for awhile now and I’m so excited to get to share it with you all! This site is a labor of love for Melissa, her career, and her fans (both new and old) who want to keep up to date on her career! Melissa is best known for her role as Sergeant Amy Santiago on the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which is now on NBC!) but some of you may know her from her other roles – such as Zoe on Gossip Girl or Adriana on One Life to Live!

The photo gallery is full of over 32,000 photos, screencaps, and photoshoots of Melissa – including screencaps from all five seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I’m working hard at getting some of Melissa’s soap opera screencaps up, but I’m also interested in what you’d like to see! Maybe a video archive with clips from Melissa’s career? More content to read? An icon page? I’m always in knowing what you guys are looking for, so be sure to contact me if you think something is missing!

Feel free to browse the site and please let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see! Also, please be sure to follow the site’s twitter at @FumeroFans to keep up with all of our upcoming updates in the next few days! Thank you for visiting!